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R.A.N Tip of The Week! 'Tis Da Season'

During this festive season, multiple holidays, including Hanukkah

KwanzaaChristmas and New Year’s Eve feature traditions intended to create a feeling of holiday spirit, a sense of unity and tidings of joy and goodwill. With so many holidays centered on gift giving and merriment, this time of year has become generically known as the holiday season.

Tis Da Season to be jollyIf God allowed you to open your eyes another day, in your right mind and are in good health, you should be  happy!  

Tis Da Season to giveTangible items are great, but nothing is more priceless than kindness and love.

Tis Da Season to be kindThe saying “They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel,” by Carl W. Buehner is so prominent during this time.  Make a positive change in others’ lives.

Tis Da Season to shareThere is no room for selfishness. Sometimes, the only thing people need is to be shown support through genuine care and compassion.

Tis Da Season of remembranceKeep alive the memories of loved ones who have died. While some try to avoid discussing their loss, remembering 

deceased loved ones in holiday 

traditions keeps their memory alive and can be a balm for a mourning heart.

"It's all about being in a natural state of mind"

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