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ROC'N Wednesday! Eat This, Not That!

I want to thank my co-worker, Minerva Anderson, Director, Communications, National Parks of New York Harbor for surprising me and gifting me with Eat This, Not That book by David Zinczenko, featuring simple food swaps, recipes, shopping tips, food news, health hacks and much more! Minerva has joined me in leading a healthy lifestyle. We both are committed to making healthier choices by eating less sugar, more green and leafy vegetables and healthy snacks. We share recipes and tips for shedding unwanted pounds and getting our steps in to burn calories and maintain a healthy body. "Dorcas is one of the most vivacious people I've ever met. She not only Talks the Talk, she Walks the Walk, and that's a rare commodity nowadays. Her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle has definitely impacted me and her support has helped me on my path of living a healthier lifestyle -- 20 down, 60 to go! Thank you, Sensei (AKA Dorcas)" Said Minerva, Highland, NJ I believe to lead a healthy life, two things you should definitely do are engage in regular exercise and hang out with family and friends who inspire you. The best idea is to combine both things and work out with your buddies to have fun, get motivated and fast-track your goals. Some people exercise alone to stay focused, but for others, having an exercise partner boosts their motivation and overall performance. A sense of healthy competition can prevail between you and your workout partner, which will keep your fitness level high. "It's all about being in a natural state of mind" #rocanatural #rocnwednesday #eatthisnotthat #feelingthankful #inspiringothers #healthylifestyle #fitnesspartner #wereinthistogether #walkingthewalk

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