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ROC'N Wednesday! NONI's Annual Fashion Show

I am super excited to inform you that Noni's Annual Fashion Show will be held on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 4:00pm at 331 Hawthorn St, Brooklyn, NY!

I have been Roc'n a couple of Noni African Fashion at a few local events and have received an overwhelming amount of compliments and you will too when you wear @noniafricanstyles!

Come get an up close and personal look at Noni African Fashion Show and watch me walk the runway.

"I like originality and I like style; I like unique stuff and that is why I came up with this design; something unique, something different and nice." Said Caroline Anyadiegwu, African Designer, Owner, Brooklyn, NY

For more information and tickets, contact Noni at 347-885-6810.

*All fashion will be available for purchase!

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