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ROC'N Wednesday! Staten Island Black Heritage..."A Movement, Not A Moment"

It gives me great pleasure to welcome our latest Community Sponsor, Staten Island Black Heritage! This is truly "A Movement, Not A Moment" of unity in our community at the 2019 Kwanzaa Celebration & Kujichagulia Marketplace hosted by and in collaboration with The African American Community and JCC Beacon Program at I.S. 49. The event is on Friday, Dec 27, 2019 @ Berta A. Dreyfus I.S. 49, 101 Warren St, Staten Island, N.Y. 10304 from 4pm-10pm! The Staten Island Black Heritage is a non-profit organization dedicated to embracing, encouraging and promoting Black Heritage. "We are here to awaken our community to new realities of empowerment; while testifying to the fact that we can accomplish more when we unite, than when we are divided. We declare a new day; of purpose and meaning for ourselves, our families and our communities." Join the Staten Island Black Heritage Family Day every 3rd Saturday in September when they celebrate our ancestors and remember that we are one in our common origin. To learn more, follow them on social media: ----- ALL are invited to experience the culture, learn about the Kwanzaa 7 Principles and celebrate the second principle of Kwanzaa - Kujichagulia. Self determination. "To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves." WANTED!!!

Vendor: Community Sponsor: Volunteer: 2019 Kwanzaa Event Link: For more information, contact Dorcas Meyers at 917-406-7736 or email, #rocanatural @rocanatural #siblackheritageday @siblackheritageday #community #youth #consciousness #services #support #unityinthecommunity #beapartofthecelebration #2019kwanzaa #kwanzaacelebration #kujichagulia #selfdetermination #communityaffair #lovestatenisland #ilovestatenisland #visitstatenisland #kwanzaa2019 #jccbeaconprogramat49 #kwanzaacelebrations #communityaffairs #jmtmedia #jmtmedianyc #sichamber #downtownsinyc @downtownsinyc #siarts #mugshotsfigment @mugshotsfigment @jccbeaconprogram #unclechasefoundation @unclechasefoundation #centralfamilylifecenter @centralfamilylifecenter #alkebulanconsciousnessrising @alkebulanconsciounessrising #acrising

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