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ROC'N WEDNESDAY! The Home Depot...Beyond Home Improvement


“There are few things in life that bring a greater sense of satisfaction and purpose than the act of giving,”

On behalf of Roc-A-Natural Cultural Foundation Inc in collaboration with Friends Who Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization, Jason Price, and Shaolin Ryders, we want to thank The Home Depot, Store 1249, 2501 Forest Avenue,  Staten Island,  NY for tapping in at Tappen Park and becoming a Donar in support of the 2nd Annual Juneteenth Freedom Freedom Festival on Saturday,  June 17, 2023!

Your generous donation supported the venue expenses of this culturally developed and "edu-taining" community event.  According to the official count, approximately 3505 humans participated, attended and cheered us on at the event and from the sidelines of our neighboring communities that day.

Folks are still talking about how wonderful the day was, and we could not have done it without your support!

We look forward to Home Depot anticipated  support and participation in 2024. 

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