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When To Call Your Elected Officials for Help

The reality is that there are elected officials who do very little for their constituency and then there are those who not only keep their campaign promises but go beyond the call of duty for their constituency.  The latter was my recent case when I requested help from the office of my Assembly member Charles Fall.   

As the Founder and C.E.O of Roc-A-Natural since August 2013,  I have been having business license issues with the NYS Department of Finance since 2017.  Assemblyman Fall and his amazing staff have been helping  me to prove the legitimacy of my small business and obtain my refund.  Unfortunately, we are at it again this year and Ruben Sibrir and Mosaab Sadeia have been consistently speaking with the representatives on my behalf despite working under limited hours in the office due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today, Ruben went beyond the call of duty and made copies of over 100 pages of my supporting documentations to meet the submission deadline.  Now that is what I call Constituent Service!

I don't know how I can ever repay Assemblyman Fall and staff for their outstanding support except to say "Thank you and you will always have my vote!"

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