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Dorcas Meyers

As the Founder of Roc-A-Natural and lifestyle-wellness coach who advocates for the beauty that illuminates from within for a holistic, authentic new you,  I am dedicated to emphasizing the beauty of natural hair, and educating diverse generations about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise to illuminate your beauty from the inside out.  I focus on proper nutrition for healthy hair, glowing skin and exercise for a wholesome body by feeding the body whole foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to juicing, detoxing, and exercise.  I believe living healthy can also decrease the alarming rates of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure in the community just by simply changing our diets, incorporating exercise and eliminating chemical-based products from our daily regimen as well as can improve mental wellness, physical ability, and natural beauty.

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In addition, I have worked as a hair model for many years and have been featured in Essence Magazine and New York Magazine’s Look Book.  During my career as a hair model, I have often walked the stage of the industry-renowned annual Bronner Brothers International Hair Show for world-renowned stylists, Thando Kafele and Derrek Scurry, Locks-N-Chops, New York, NY.  I am using my experience and love of hair care, health and beauty to provide resources and connections to support your success and give New York stylists and consumers in the greater tri-state area the chance to enjoy these industries on a healthier and more empowering platform. 


The 2014 inaugural event was an incredibly successful event with nearly 400 attendees present for an exhilarating day of fashion, beauty, workshops, panel discussions and entertainment and we are looking forward to seeing you at future health and wellness events.

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