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Dorcas Meyers, President, Roc-A-Natural Cultural Foundation, Inc, is dedicated to educating, empowering, and inspiring the community in the areas of health, arts, and culture.


As an avid Staten Island community and cultural advocate, I have collaborated with a few local organizations to educate and empower, through annual Black History and Kwanzaa programs which were inaugurated in 2018, inaugural “Taking It To The Streets: Free Friday Night Films”, July 2020; inaugural Juneteenth Re-enactment, June 2021; Black Lighthouse Keepers and Life Saving Service members, February 2022; inaugural Juneteenth Freedom Parade, June 2022 and are growing from strength to strength.


The vision is to connect with our neighboring 5 boroughs through these "edu-taining" events to share in the diverse culture on Staten Island's Northshore.

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