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R.A.N Tip of The Week! Why Celebrate Kwanzaa?

The celebration honors African heritage in African-American culture and is observed from December 26 to January 1, culminating in a feast and gift-giving. Kwanzaa has seven core principles (Nguzo Saba). It was created by Maulana Karenga and was first celebrated in 1966–67.

Kwanzaa is 2 weeks away and we are super excited about the Kwanzaa Celebration & Ujamaa Marketplace, Saturday, Dec 29, 2018 @ Dreyfus I.S. 49, 101 Warren St, SI, NY 10304 from 4pm-10pm.

This FREE family-friendly community event hosted at Dreyfus JHS 49, Stapleton is to commemorate the Kwanzaa Principle of Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) and will focus on traditional African values of family, community responsibility, commerce and self-improvement.

All are welcome to experience the Unity; Creativity; Faith and perfect Giving of gifts items at the Ujamaa Marketplace.


- Alkebulan Conscious Rising (Food)

- Charlene Allen, Sharlenez Reflection

(handmade garments = ponchos - shawls - capes- coats - jackets - and scarfs)

- Bashir Abdul Alim (Soaps, incense & MORE)

- Diva Collectibles (Handcrafted accessories with an afrocentric flair)

- Michelle Brown Diamond, Legacy Int'l (Supplements for optimum health & MORE!)

- Karen Christi, In My Image Production(Aluminum earrings, nose-chains, unisex necklaces, headdresses and MORE!)

- Denise Goring Artwear (Fashion)

- Melissa Harlall, Paparazzi Jewelry

- Roc-A-Natural (Handmade Natural moisturizers, Tshirts & MORE)


- 1st Generation

*Activities-Story Teller-Entertainment-Face Painting-Master Drummer-Designers and MORE!

To become a vendor, visit:

Arts & Crafts Vendor - $32.00 & Food vendor - $52.00.

For more information on getting involved as an entertainer (singers, dancers, poets, etc) or volunteer, please contact: Greg Taylor (917) 664-1959 / Tina Brown (718) 300-9402.

Kwanzaa Event Link

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