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Baby It's Cold Outside

The temperature started out at 39 degrees and dropped to 34 this past Sunday and baby, it was cold outside!

"Wow, I feel like I went to the mall!" ~Avid Supporter

"Scents, aromas, flavors can arouse memories and feelings. The sensual smells of Roc-A-Natural does something to you on the inside. You got to smell it to feel it. There is something for everyone. Try it." ~Glenniver Sargeant, SI, NY

"A casual sales experience with fun people and fair prices" ~Jacky Krogh, SI, NY

Thank you to all who weathered the cold and chose to shop small businesses without walls for the end of the Roc-A-Natural (Outdoor) Holiday Pop-up Weekend! We appreciate you.

Jacky Krogh was our raffle winner of the Roc-A-Natural Body By R.A.N B-Sea Moss Gel-Honey Citron & Ginger. Enjoy in good health!

A huge THANK YOU to our small businesses without walls!

- Chef Momma D's Catering - It's Bananas by Jason P - Roc-A-Natural - Wearable Energy by Eustra - Zence by Teresa Parnell

You can still get your shop on by reaching out to our small businesses via Facebook and Instagram.

*Select photos courtesy of Picture This!! Photography by Master Jason

"It's all about health, arts, community and culture"

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