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Dorcas Turns 61

Dorcas Turns 61 and got GOD to thank for blessing me to add that 1!

I opened my eyes tis morning, kissed by the sun; thinking GOD didn't have to do it, but the most high did; oh how grateful I am to be able to do another bid.

Dorcas Turns 61 and hearing that voice say, "you're an amazing woman, giving of yourself and showing love and humility to those you care."  Still holding it down, maintaining my health while noticing a slight midsection pouch. Damn, doing this aging gracefully dance, can sometimes get a bit overwhelming, but I got to keep it Roc-A-Natural moving. 

Dorcas Turns 61 and shining the light; loving up on my 5 grands who are the many loves of my life.  Being the beacon of truth and educating and inspiring the youth is where it's at.  Gifting my community with creativity, arts, culture, and living history while "edu-taining" the rest. I got no time to waste; join me and lets collaborate.

Dorcas Turns 61 and just an ordinary woman, doing extraordinary things to create change; making a difference and bridging gaps; just read about her in the book of Acts 9:36-41!

Happy Blessed and Beautiful Birthday to Me!

Consider Making A Donation 

We are continuing our fundraising efforts in support of the 3rd Annual Juneteenth Freedom Parade & Festival at Tappen Park, Saturday, June 15, 2024.  Please consider donating via  Zelle, or

Proceeds will benefit educating the youth and overall community about Freedom Day through historical reenactment, freedom parade and more!

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