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We Got It In! TappenTeers at Work-Park Clean-up

On behalf of Roc-A-Natural Cultural Foundation Inc and Partnerships for Parks, we would like to give a huge THANK YOU to our hardworking TappenTeers (20) at TappenTeers at Work-Park Clean-up on Saturday, April 6, 2024:

- Felix Harris

- Tinesha Boone

- Egyptian Harris 

- Loyal Harris 

- King Harris

- Imanuel Stennett 

- Kairee Stennett 

- Gabina Santamaria 

- Gregory Taylor 

- African Refuge After-School Youth

Due to the hardworking TappenTeers, they were able to collect 14 bags of natural debris, 4 garbage bags and piles of wood.  

"I did the best work, right Ms. Dorcas?" Said King Harris, 7 years old, SI, NY

"We had a good time cleaning up Tappen Park and looking forward to the next park clean-up and Horticulture on May 4, 2024." Said Felix Harris, SI, NY

"We put in the work today!  I enjoyed assisting the young people seeing them clearing up the park was a highlight for me. I look forward to making a consistent effort to maintaining Tappen park.  My son, Kairee says he liked the snacks and being able to take breaks." Said Imanuel Stennett, SI, NY

A special thank you to our donors, Costco's for providing snacks and beverages and Bari's Pizza Pasta for lunch.

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