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Habari Gani! Thank You

On behalf of Alkebulan Consciousness Rising and Roc-A-Natural Cultural Foundation Inc, we would like to give a huge THANK YOU  to all of you for coming out to the 2nd Annual Kwanzaa Celebration! Unity In The Community on Tuesday, December 26, 2023 at the Central Family Life Center and allowing us to culturally enrich through the first Kwanzaa Principle, Umoja!

It truly was a collective effort with all involved and we could not have done it without the generous sponsorship of Central Family Life Center, Universal Temple of the Arts; thoughtful donations, (too many to name, but they are listed in your program handouts), Vendors, Volunteers, Performers, Drummers and Youth.

Comments from a few attendees:

"We had a great time!  Thank you so much!  It was a beautiful event.  Our first Kwanzaa event! Looking forward to next year." Said Cheryl White, MCDC Miss Cheryl's Dance Company

"Habari Gani!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a vendor at your Kwanzaa event!!  Congratulations on you and your team doing an amazing job and the great turnout of people who came out to support the event." Said Euphemia S. Adams, Wearable Energy by EuStra

"It was my pleasure and a wonderful learning experience. It was filled with rich culture and colors. I stay in awe of our people. Keep up the extraordinary work. You and your team brought it all together.  Wishing you many more years of success." Said D. Brown, SI, NY

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program last night. You and your team did an excellent job with the entertainment, in addition to having people with true knowledge of Kwanzaa.  I am sure everyone walked away uplifted. It was also great to see your Mom and Reverend White.  Much success with the program tonight." Said Sandra, SI, NY

As you continue to celebrate Kwanzaa over the next 4 days, think about joining us throughout 2024 to collectively build, thrive and make beautiful our community through support of your community leaders, nonprofit organizations and individuals who provide culturally developed and "edu-taining" events for you and your families.  We wish you a meaningful time of togetherness as you light the Kinara with your loved ones.

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