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It Ain't Easy Being A Mom...Happy Mother's Day!

It ain't easy being a Mom, this I know, but God has blessed me with the task and as long as I have breath, I'm going to continue to do my very best.

It takes a lot of love, patience and kindness; staying on your knees and asking God for directions and understanding to cushion your hard landings.

It sometimes takes discipline to teach you a lesson; to avoid the worlds pitfalls and how to move when encountered with police aggression.

It sometimes mean you may not like my rules or even me, but that's OK too; as long as I know I am doing right by you and not enabling you.

lt takes proper communication with respect in front to get us through the back and forths; these turmultrious humps.

It takes recognizing the ups and downs; highs and lows; the good and the bad; the sometimes not speaking and being on timeout drab.

It ain't easy being a Mom, but I've been blessed with the task.

by Dorcas Meyers

*Photography by Debra D Gilliam


Thank You to all who shopped Roc-A-Natural this Mother's Day weekend! We truly appreciate your support and was happy to service you!

- Jamillah Harris, Leesburg, VA

- Michelle Howell, Staten Island, NY

- Mr. Jimmy and Ms. Patti B, Staten Island, NY

"Mr. Jimmy want to purchase some Roc-A-Natural Gift sets. B-Dorcas and B-Lavender"

- Love Finley, Staten Island, NY

"My Earth loves the Body By R.A.N B-Oil-Citrus!😎"

- Arleathia Howard, Staten Island, NY

"I tried the new Body By R.A.N B-Oil-Dorcas and it smells like a combo of two oils that I like. It is nice and light. Good job!"

- Amber Snider, West Virginia

"I love my Roc-A-Natural!"

- Berncenia Lovelace, Staten Island, NY

"Thank you for the sample of B-Dorcas! I LOVE IT! It's very sensual. When can I pick-up?"

- Yejide Nichols, Brooklyn, NY

"Do you have the $65 gift set in Citrus? You know me!"

"It's all about being in a natural state mind"

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