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R.A.N Tip of the Week! Ginger Juice Anyone?

Ginger juice is strong, with a kick of flavor and heat that is very refreshing and adds a lot of character to a number of dishes and juices.

Thanks to Vickie Browning-Wiley, Staten Island, NY for an introduction to getting a high dose of this superfood in one sitting with her method on how to preserve and use the juice as added flavors to your teas, smoothie recipes and ice cubes, so you can get every last bit of nutrition from your ginger as possible!

Ginger really has a whole host of benefits that make it worthy of being included in our diet. From being high in antioxidants, aiding stomach and digestive issues, and reducing nausea, to helping regulate blood sugar levels and containing anti-inflammatory properties.

Here is what you need:

- Ginger Root(as much as you want) - Distilled water - Juicer(I use the Vitamix) - Cheese cloth or fine Strainer Peel and cut ginger root into small pieces. Place into Vitamix or high powered blender. Add distilled water to cover and puree until liquified. Strain and pour juice in glass jars or ice trays. "It's all about being in a natural state of mind" *If Roc-A-Natural has inspired you, write a review:


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Over the last five years I have used Vicki’s method faithfully! I not only lost 12 pounds in three months; I was able to maintain a slim physique and healthy reviews from my annual doctors visits! “ Sir whatever your doing and taking; keep doing it”! Roc-A-Natural keeps that inspiration going. Whether through products or outdoor activities; the Natural way of life is the only way to “Roc”!

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