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R.A.N Tip of the Week! Roc-A-Natural Smoothie Made Simple

“Wow! Your skin is radiant and glowing!" Said B. Lovelace, Staten Island, N.Y.

"I really enjoyed my Roc-A-Natural Smoothie! I'm always trying new ways that I can improve my health, and drinking this smoothing was great! I was able have fresh fruits and vegetables which is allowing me to eat healthier." Said P. Smith-Gilbert, Staten Island, N.Y.

"The Roc-A-Natural Smoothie was delicious and refreshing. I was concerned about not having an expensive juicer and preparing. Dorcas assured me a less expensive juicer would work, but highly recommended the Vitamix. She also showed me how to prep, freezing the avocado and banana in personal size containers. I can also prepare the sea moss in advance for various usage. Great advice!" Said L. Howard, Staten Island, N.Y.

Click link below and learn how to make a Roc-A-Natural Smoothie Made Simple daily to heal from the inside out for a holistic new you.

"It's all about being in a natural state of mind"


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