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Back by popular demand and live in living color!!!

Welcome back 1st Generation to the 2019 Kwanzaa Celebration & Kujichagulia Marketplace hosted by and in collaboration with the African American Community and JCC Beacon Program at I.S. 49! 1st Generation was a part of 2018 Kwanzaa Celebration and their performance was a total hit! "We are working on something special for this one" Said Immanuel Stennett, Band Member, Staten Island. Join us at this evening of collaboration and community on Friday, Dec 27, 2019 at Berta A. Dreyfus I.S. 49, 101 Warren St, Staten Island, from 4pm-10pm! Ant McQueen and I AM I met about six years ago through a mutual friend (Chief Encore) while recording music in a group called Altered Beast. After recording a song and hearing the way they sounded together, they thought it would be interesting to hear more. The two soon learned of their similar backgrounds, both being first generation born Americans of Caribbean descent. On top of that, both of their mothers were born in London. Although the name 1st Generation was originally meant for a wine company they planned to start together with recipes from Ant Mcqueen's Grandmother, it stuck as the stage moniker the duo has gone by. 1st Generation's music sheds light on both band members upbringing and aspirations. You can expect to be fully entertained by the patios infused rap lyrics and lively stage presence that 1st Generation displays. To learn more about 1st Generation, visit them on their social media Social Media Handles: @1stgenerationnyc on Instagram and @1stgenerationny on Twitter; book a gig, contact: 929-442-9715 or email: FREE Registration online - ----- All are welcome to come experience the culture, learn about the Kwanzaa 7 Principles and celebrate the second principle of Kwanzaa - Kujichagulia. Self determination. "To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves. Be empowered at our informative workshops, shop diverse and creative vendors and enjoy talented performers from the tri-state area. For more information, contact Dorcas Meyers, Event Coordinator & Community Supporter, 917-406-7736 or email, #rocanatural @rocanatural #1stgenerationnyc @1stgenerationnyc #iami #antmcqueen #producers #performers #recordingartist #unityinthecommunity #beapartofthecelebration #2019kwanzaa #kwanzaacelebration #kujichagulia #selfdetermination #communityaffair #lovestatenisland #ilovestatenisland #visitstatenisland #kwanzaa2019 #jccbeaconprogramat49 #kwanzaacelebrations #communityaffairs #jmtmedia #jmtmedianyc #sichamber #downtownsinyc @downtownsinyc #siarts #mugshotsfigment @mugshotsfigment @jccbeaconprogram #unclechasefoundation @unclechasefoundation #publicadministratorrichmondcounty @publicadministratorrichmondcounty #centralfamilylifecenter @centralfamilylifecenter #alkebulanconsciousnessrising @alkebulanconsciounessrising #acrising #siblackheritageday @siblackheritageday #universaltempleofthearts @universaltempleofthearts #againstdagrainbarbershop @againstdagrainbarbershop #angelashairboutiquee @angelashairboutique #nycid New York Center for Interpersonal Development NYCID

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