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Mother's Day Is Every Day...

Shower me with love and respect while I'm standing upright; not 6 feet under and lights are permanently out.

Mother's Day Is Every Day...

Give me my flowers while I can smell them and appreciate the beauty in the vibrant colors they possess.

Mother's Day Is Every Day...

Let the sacrifices that I've made to take care of family and going without; ensuring all needs were met at the end of each night.

Mother's Day Is Every Day...

You don't know my life's story, but I have been there for yours; during hard labor and runny noses; cleaning asses, keeping you fed and clothed; providing many pep talks, calming your fears and wiping away rivers of tears while hiding my own because Momma is a "Do Right Woman"..."Phenomenal Woman"..."Super Woman" and a magician.

Mother's Day Is Every Day...

I'm Queen Mother and don't you forget it! Let the work I've done, speak for me because I deserve to be celebrated everyday; not just today.

Happy Mother's Day Every Day! #rocanatural @rocanatural #happymothersday #mothersday2021 #mothersdayeveryday #celebratingmothers

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