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ROC'N Wednesday! Be A Part of "The Village"

We can't thank "The Village" enough for their financial contributions for the "2nd Annual Taking It To The Streets: Free Friday Night Outdoor Films", July 9 through 30, 2021!

We sent a Call To Action to give to the "TITTS FFNOF" and Double Good Pop- Corn fundraiser and you answered and we thank you!

- Shirley Allen - Bridget Zeigler-Brown - Patricia-Anne Taylor Carsel - Sheila DeFord Cofield - Celestine Cox - Theodora Cross - Valerie Dudley - Aurora Evans - Debra Debra D Gilliam - Asia Green - Nina Harris - Arlethia Howard - Julia Kaback - Edwina Martin - Nicole Meyers - Virgilio Meyers, II - Debbie-Ann Paige - Kelly Pattiso - Kason Price - Sharon Pringle - Kelvin Richards - Imanuel Stennett - Irijah S. Stennett

Because of your generous donations, we are closer to meeting our goal, but have some ways to go and need your financial support in order to fulfill these outstanding logistical obligations.

"Do it for the community...culture...arts!"


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