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ROC'N WEDNESDAY! Celebrate Kwanzaa at the African Burial Ground National Monument

In celebration of Kwanzaa, the African Burial Ground National Monument will host in-person activities in the lobby of the Ted Weiss Federal Building and virtual presentations on our website and social media. Facebook--@AfricanBurialGround.

Reservations are required for in-person activities. Please either email us at or call (212) 238-4367 to make a reservation.

Tuesday, December 28th: Ujima Wednesday, December 29th: Ujamaa Thursday, December 30th: Nia

Libation Ceremonies, Singing, Dancing, Drumming, Ranger Presentations

For More Information and a daily schedule, please visit the Kwanzaa 2021 section of our website.

Please share your photos from the event with us using the hashtag #AFBG30th.

"It's all about health, arts, community and culture"

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