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ROC'N Wednesday! "I Don't Know Why"...

"I Don't Know Why" my Mother stayed with a man who used his fist and open hand to beat her ass.  She called him her father...her twelve year nightmare.  I called him Clifford, not a very nice man.

"I Don't Know Why" my Mother would allow my "no good Daddy" to manipulate her and her young children to falsely accuse her of acts that no child could possibly know or understand.  As an adult, I get it now; it was just another one of his twisted plans to go upside her head and beat her ass.

"I Don't Know Why" my Mother would scream and holler, "turn me loose; you are hurting me."  Not even giving a damn that her babies were next door; crouched down on the hard floor.

"I Don't Know Why" my Mother didn't take my Aunt Mae's advice, "Claire, stand up and fight!  Grab that cast iron frying pan and bust him across his head before you wound up dead!"

After twelve years of Domestic Abuse, Momma broke free and became empowered; she left his ass and never looked back or said she was sorry.

Today Momma tells her story of Domestic Abuse and how she broke free and is a Sur-Thriver.

Dorcas Meyers,

I'm A Witness

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