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R.A.N Tip of The Week! Become A Vendor at the Freedom Marketplace at the Roc-A-Natural CFI's 3rd Annual Juneteenth Freedom Festival at Tappen Park, Saturday, June 15, 2024

Want to become a Vendor at the Freedom Marketplace at the Roc-A-Natural Cultural Foundation Inc in collaboration with Community Partners, the 3rd Annual Juneteenth Freedom Festival at Tappen Park

Register to showcase your unique goods and services at the most "edu-taining" and culturally diversed Juneteenth event on Staten Island while commemorating and celebrating the oldest freedom celebration in the United States on Saturday,  June 15, 2024 from 11:00am to 6:00pm at 105 Bay Street, between Water and Canal Streets, Staten Island, New York 10304

by clicking the Vendor link below:

See what a few attendees said last year:

"Participating as a vendor allows me to be a part of the amazing cultural, educational and informative programs events Dorcas want to bring to her community on Staten Island."  Said Tracey, 2-Lite, Queens, NY 

"Great food and wonderful vendors..  Wonderful representation of the educational awareness that recreates the meaning of this holiday "Juneteenth"Great job Docas Meyers!💐" Said Deborah Moody, Staten Island, NY

"It was a beautiful and eventful day along with many collaborators, food vendors, clothing and merchandise vendors.  There was a beautiful and heartfelt Reenactment of Juneteenth, African inspired clothing fashioned by beautiful models who all came together for a fun, educational and interactive Juneteenth Jubilee. Amazing live music, dance, spoken word that gave way to a spiritual healing and remembrance of our Ancestors." Said Muriel Henriquez, Staten Island, NY 

Become a Sponsor:


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