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R.A.N Tip of The Week! Keep It Simple and Healthy

I went to my local Costco's on Richmond Avenue in Staten Island to re-up on some much needed groceries and picked up my favorite Stuffed Salmon.  The date of expiration said April 7, 2020 and today is the 5th, so we should be good right?  WRONG!

As I was packing groceries in my car, I got a strange whiff of something going bad.  I brushed it off and thought I could have had bad breath that my protective mask was providing me feedback since I had not eaten anything since my breakfast green seamoss smoothie this morning and it was now after 5:00pm!

After reaching home and removing my protective mask, my Sun and I began to unload the car and wash off packagings before putting groceries away; well wouldn't you know it, I got another whiff of something going or gone bad.  I asked my Sun to smell the Salmon and let me know what he thought. He was not sure because he thought all fish smell.  Damn, I thought for sure we were going to dine on Stuffed Salmon and salad and now it looks like we're not!

Unfortunately, this was not the first time this happened and now we are having to deal with this same issue. I certainly did not want to take any chances and get food poisoning and have to go to the Emergency Room with COVID-19 on the loose so I closed  up the package and will be returning it to Costco tomorrow afternoon, requesting a refund and compensation for having to drive back 12 miles round trip for my troubles.

In the meantime, what were we going to have for dinner?

Oven Roasted French Bean Fries and Tuna Fish on a bed of Organic Spring Mix.  We washed it all down with a glass of fresh Aloe Vera, Orange and Strawberry Smoothie!

"It's all about being in a natural state of mind"

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