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R.A.N Tip of The Week! My Curls Are Still Poppin

It's been over a year since I have cut my locks and practicing "The Process" by Kelly Wilford, Co-Owner, 2Lite Creations for tips for healthy hair and my natural curls are thicker and still poppin!

"The Process" is a great way to keep your natural hair moisturized and shiney!  Not dry and brittle.  I have received more compliments with my short doo then with my locks.  Although, I love both, I am enjoying the ease of managing and less tension causing excess thinning.  I have cut my hair about 4 times to maintain shape because it grows pretty quickly with the process. My routine consist of using a silicone free moisturizer to cleanse.  Kelly recommends never shampooing, but I have included shampooing once a week on Saturdays in between moisturizing my hair daily and find that this enhances the sheen of my curls.  


- Saturate your natural hair with water while in the shower.  Using your fingers, rake your hair in a circular motion to recondition your hair to form your own natural curl pattern which has been lost due to chemical processing and heat damage.

- Apply a 50 cent size amount of your favorite  conditioner and rake your hair with your fingers in a circular pattern to create your natural curls and ensure hair is fully covered.  Let sit while completing your shower.

- After getting out of the shower and moisterizing your damp skin with your favorite  Roc-A-Natural Body By R.A.N B-Oil & B-Butter, apply a 50 cent size (more for longer hair) of your choice of alcohol free styling gel.  Follow same circular pattern with your fingers.  Style to your preference and air or blow dry.  No harsh sponge needed which pulls out your hair.

Although I don't always do it, it is highly recommended you sleep with a plastic cap if your hair is short for better hydration.  Mist before twisting if your hair is longer.

Lets keep our curls poppin with The Process!

"It's all about being in a natural state of mind"

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