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ROC'N Wednesday! Evolution Through Transformation: Who Is She and What Is She to Roc-A-Natural: WBAI

Evolution through Transformation

I want to thank the host, Ama Karikari-Yawson, Esq., author of Sunne's Gift and Educator, for the opportunity to share with you on How to Make It in the City on WBAI Pacifica 99.5 FM.   

The interview will give you a candid look at how my life as a youth and young woman that was the inspiration for the creation of Roc-A-Natural and now “making it”.  My goal as an entrepreneur, artisan, leader, and visionary is to create positive change.  My mission is to inform and offer people the opportunity to make one aspect of their lives better through my work as a practitioner in the field of natural and holistic skin and hair care.

"This is a show that explores both the practical and spiritual aspects of “making it”. The show is for artists, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and visionaries who are determined to end the cycle of working soul-crushing jobs just to pay bills. This is where you learn how to live your mission, the obstacles you may encounter and the satisfactions you will receive. This is where you learn how to do well, by doing good. This is where you learn how to step into your divine purpose, and, eventually, entering a space of financial freedom and abundance." Said Ama Karikari-Yawson

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Also, please go to to listen to other episodes of this program. Go to the WBAI archive and look under How to Make It in The City.

Ama Karikari-Yawson

In 2013, I experienced a life changing incident when a barber referred to my 3- year son as an N-word because of the texture of his hair.  He called his hair kinky, I was horrified. I desperately wanted to teach a lesson about hair, self-acceptance and end bullying.  In 2014, I published my first picture book which deals with those topics, Sunne's Gift.  In August 2015, I quit my six-figure salaried day job, as a corporate lawyer, to promote Sunne's Gift and to fully step into my purpose of healing through storytelling. I now travel the country performing my Sunne's Gift while facilitating presentations and training sessions for schools, universities, governments, and corporations. Loved Ones, it has been quite a bumpy ride and I have a long way to go on my journey. Let's figure out how to “make it” in this city, together as a community.

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