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ROC'N Wednesday! Whose Got Your Marketing Back?

As a Small Business owner and entrepreneur, I have learned if you want to stand out in that crowded marketplace of ideas, you have to bring something unique to the table. It's more than having a quality product; it's authenticity. When I started the Roc-A-Natural brand in 2013, I was blessed to have the support of family, friends and associates who loved the name and believed in the mission to build self-esteem through the beauty of natural hair and educate a diverse generation of all ages about proper nutrition and exercise to illuminate your beauty from the inside out to help foster a holistic new you. ----- I didn't know a thing about marketing and branding and received much needed guidance from existing business owners, Vanessa Edwards-El, The Event Strategist and Andrea Lockhart, ACL Event Planner. Vincent Ferguson, Owner, Body Sculpt informed me that "you are your walking brand." However, it is my Sister friend for over 40 years, Suzette Turner, Boutique Manager and Marketing Specialist who has been instrumental in assisting me with evolving the @rocanatural brand for the past 3 years. Her aid in selling techniques, limited edition ideas, coding product samples for easy online orders, product packaging, table set-up, tent accessories, space presentation and the list goes on has been a success for the Roc-A-Natural business. When I think there is nothing else to be done, Suzette's ideas just keep coming. I believe every small business and entrepreneur should have a mentor to develop them to be their best authentic self. "Wow, your space is so warm and inviting; I almost feel like I can bring a chaise and relax; from the product packaging to your bags, everything is on point." Said Serena Williams, Richmond County Black & Minority Chamber of Commerce and Serena Michelle Public Relations "Your set-up is really nice and your bags are so cute. You got it going on." Said Kaiti Sekhem en Ankh Madjar, attendee & customer at Black VegFest 2019 "Good morning young lady, I just wanted to let you know, you are great at marketing your products." Said Sonya Graham, Smile for Sonya Photography Suzette, thank you for continuing to have my marketing back! Your love and support is more than appreciated. It's immeasurable! Click here: to preview products and also available at Against Da Grain Barber Shop, 206 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10301. ***Subscribe to @rocanatural and Facebook group by clicking here: and here: and I will send you a discount code to receive 20% off any Body By R.A.N B-Oil and B-Butter as a friend of the family.*** "It's all about being in a natural state of mind" #rocanatural @rocanatural #rocnwednesday #marketing #mentoring #thankyou #continualsupport #repeatcustomer #itsupport #socialmediamarketing #thankyouforchoosingbodybyran #skincarechoice #firstchoicehaircare #bodybyranboil #allnatural #homemade #bodybyranbbutter #bfaceandbeard #beardconditioner #beardcare #tshirts #moisturizer #natural #skincareluxury #bodybutter #bodyoil #haircare #vendors #africantshirts #tshirts #fashionable #subscribe #becomeamember #support #supportvendors #supportsmallbusiness #communitysupport

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