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A huge THANK YOU to all of my @rocanatural online shoppers!

Jennifer Crumpley, Decatur, GA Natalia Dixon, Staten Island, NY Shonda Marks, Bronx, NY Amber Snider, Wheeling, WV Jeffrey Wade, Brooklyn, NY Angela Wilkes, Conyers, GA - Jennifer re-upped on the Body By R.A.N B-Butter-U.S! - Natalia can't get enough of Body By R.A.N B-Oil-Black Woman so she purchased 2 2oz! - Shonda shopped for 2oz B-Oil-Lavender, 8oz B-Wash-Citrus and 1oz B-Butter-H.E.R - Amber's Boo is bewitched by the B-Oil-Lavender so she purchased the 4oz and the 8oz B-Wash-Lavender to match! - Jefftey skipped the trial size and went straight for the 4oz B-Oil-B.O.S.S! - Angela loves Body By R.A.N B-Products and went shopping for her usual 2 2oz B-Oil-Black Woman, The Perfect Combination(4oz B-Butter-H.E.R & .5oz B-Oil-H.E.R), 4oz B-Butter-Lavender and 1oz B-Butter-U.S To preview additional Roc-A-Natural B-products, click here: Join Roc-A-Natural and I will send you a discount code to receive 20% off any Body By R.A.N B-Oil and B-Butter as a friend of the family by clicking here: *Look for Roc-A-Natural at an event near you! - Saturday, Sept 21, 2019 9th Annual SI Black Heritage Family Day @ Tappen Park/Stapleton, Staten Island, NY 10304 from 10:00am - 6:00pm Admission: Free "It's all about being in a natural state of mind" #rocanatural #appreciationpost #onlineshopping #bodybyranboil #bodybyranbbutter #lovingbodybyranbproducts #bodyoils #bodybuttercream #naturalmoisturizer #skincareroutine #haircareproducts #headtotoe

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