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R.A.N Tip of the Week! Who would LOVE to transform their bodies and lives in 6 weeks for FREE?

I have just registered for the Staten Island 6 Weeks Fitness Kickboxing Challenge to help me lose 10lbs, tighten and tone.

Since joining the Fifties Club, it has become challenging to defy gravity and I realized that I need to switch up my jogging fitness routine to help me transform my body and live a healthier lifestyle. During orientation for the 6 Weeks Fitness Kickboxing Challenge, I received my workout schedule with the hours that is perfect for me since I get home after 7:00pm(most classes and gyms will be closing by 8:00pm), a meal plan to help me accomplish my goal and equipment to work it out.  I was floored to see the list of foods to avoid were the "healthy" foods I was consuming, but was actually full of sugar!  No wonder I was having trouble with losing the excess 10lbs.

In preparation of my 6 Weeks Fitness Kickboxing Challenge on Monday, May 20, 2019, I have revamped my grocery list and I am looking forward to obtaining the following:

🎉 Personal Custom Meal Plan to eliminate guesswork

🎉 Personal Grocery List to save time and money and make it crazy easy

🎉 Personal Food Prep Instructions so easy to do in under 2 hours/wk

🎉 42 Done-For-You Recipes to follow for the 6 weeks so you never have to ask yourself "What am I going to make tonight?"

🎉 Personal Accountability Coach so it feels like you have a motivational speaker waking you up every morning to get your behind in the gym

🎉 3 Cutting Edge Workouts PER WEEK WITH VLAD AT HIS GYM designed to tone your body and jumpstart your metabolism and give you an explosion of energy

🎉 World Class Online Support Group with 24hrs accountability

🎉 And much much more

If you have been motivated by this weeks R.A.N Tip of the Week and want to join me, CLICK HERE and tell them Roc-A-Natural sent you:

"It's all about being in a natural state of mind"

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